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Since 2010 Resplandor International has been changing lives not only in the community, but in the lives of the hundreds of volunteers from all over the world. Since its inception, Resplandor has fostered a contractual, collaborative relationship with the University of Arizona, University of Guanajuato and the Secretary of Education for Guanajuato State. This long term commitment has allowed for University students from both institutions to receive school recognition for their work in education and community development. In addition, an extensive network of both international and local artists and professionals have created a stable flow of opportunity in Resplandor, resulting in a solid calendar of events and programs throughout the year. In 2019, Resplandor established a relationship with AISEC, a global non-profit organization dedicated to providing leadership experiences for international youth. In just a few months, students from as far away as Egypt and Japan have added their presence to the Resplandor family. An average of six new students arrive every two months and are expanding the international experience for the community as well as Resplandor’s volunteer teams.

Nestled in a community that was once agriculturally based, Resplandor is within walking distance to one of the largest reservoirs and protected nature reserves. The views are spectacular and the vibrance of the community, with their love for fiestas, music and food, provides a truly magical experience. Transportation to the historical capital is frequent and easy to navigate. After ten years of establishing relationships, Resplandor provides a safe, immersion opportunity that is truly unique.

Invest in Change. Be a part of our community engagement.

Resplandor International is a 501(3)c and donations are 100% deductible.



Here’s what our happy donors and volunteers share about Resplandor International

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to help and create an unbreakable bond with the resplandor community. I’ve been a donor por 3 years, and every time I go to visit I know is the wisest way in which I can help those in need.

Sophia Jones

When I went and volunteered at Resplandor I learn a lot about myself. It was an amazing experience that is still helping me be a better person in al I do. Thank you.

Harold Green

Working in the classroom with those beautiful kids was a life changing experience. All the innocence and beauty in their eyes for ever transform the way I relate to everybody.

Grant Harvey

Before I finished my bachelor degree I decided to invest in a charity and when I found Resplandor I not only found a charity, but a family that has grown with me for the last ten years. Thank you!

Kate Lewis

Every year I volunteer at Resplandor and every year I see how the only way to be truly happy is by giving, I have received a lot from Resplandor and I’m truly grateful to be part of this family.

Kelly Johnson