We Believe in Taking Action to Make a Difference

Resplandor was developed out of a collaborative participation by a group of dedicated educators in the summer of 2008. Dr. Todd Fletcher, a University of Arizona professor, was inspired to give back to a community that had welcomed University of Arizona students and staff for the last 20+ years. .
Under Todd Fletcher’s leadership, a team of associates, professors, colleagues, students and community members developed the mission for Resplandor, and formalized the plans for construction of the building on inaugural Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Resplandor was formally inaugurated on June 9, 2009 with a celebration of over 400 people from the local, national and international community with local and national education representation by educational officials from the Mexican Ministry of Education. In July of 2019 the 10th anniversary of Resplandor took place with community and guests from many parts of Mexico, the U.S., and the international community.
Resplandor is an inclusive project designed to promote education, art, music, beauty, health and wellness. This includes programs to establish educational and cultural programs for the local community and to provide opportunities for faculty, students and colleagues to participate in shared learning experiences. Additionally, Resplandor serves by providing additional support to the primary schools and pre-schools in the immediate area during the regular school year. Resplandor offers community out-reach programs to promote the love of reading by teaching parents how to read to their children, domestic violence prevention workshops, environmental education, guitar, cooking, nutrition, Zumba, theater and art, and health and wellness through community gardening.

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Resplandor International is a 501(3)c and donations are 100% deductible.



Todd Fletcher, Verónica Alatorre,  Paty González, Susan Taylor-Alonso, Philip Taylor Alonso, Rudy Molina, Claudia Arévalo, Ana María López


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