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Since 2010, Resplandor International has changed lives not only in the community, but also in hundreds of volunteers around the world. This extensive network of international and local students, artists and professionals has created a constant flow of learning activities to engage and benefit the communities Resplandor serves.

Resplandor is part of the Natural Protected Area “Presa la Purisima and its zone of influence” in Guanajuato, a rural community dedicated to agriculture, cattle ranching, fishing and small businesses. The views are spectacular and the vitality of the community provides a truly magical experience. Public transportation is available to the historic center of Guanajuato.

After thirteen years of building relationships, Resplandor offers a truly unique and safe immersion experience.

Resplandor has developed collaborative contracts with the University of Arizona, Worlds of Words, Learning A-Z, University of Guanajuato, Casa de la Cultura, Benemérita y Centenaria Escuela Oficial Normal de Guanajuato, Secretaría de Educación del estado de Guanajuato, Cooper Center for Environmental Learning and AIESEC.


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Resplandor International is a 501(3)c and donations are 100% deductible.



International Volunteer Stories

It’s hard to express in words how wonderful it feels to be part of Resplandor International. My days there were fantastic, magical, and fun. I am sure I will never forget them. From my experience, I have take three words to live by and apply to my everyday life: Love, Will and Perseverance. A person who does things with love is blessedly doomed to have success and I know of no people more passionate than the ones at Resplandor. The world needs more people like that :authentic. The love and warmth they exude made me feel close to home. Now the people at Resplandor are part of my family.

Vanessa Medina, Colombia
The experience at Resplandor International is very different from any you can imagine. The foundation is located in a México that is totally different from the one they sell you in the conventional tourist package. In Cajones, you can see the culture as it is; not as an outsider looking in, but from within.The experience is so new and wonderful that you will love it more than just like it. As for the specific functions at Resplandor, they have established process and programs that are a great help to the volunteer´s transition. However, there is always space to contribute new ideas, and at Resplandor, ideas come very easily! For example, activities that come from your own culture come very easily and are fun. It should be noted that Resplandor  is somewhat remote, in a rural community not as easy to
access. Although this may indicate some risk, it is all a risk worth taking.
Vladimir, Colombia

Being a volunteer at Resplandor International helped me focus my way of seeing the world and understand that the best way to serve others is through education. It is not enough just to use the words, it is the facts and the actions that speak for oneself; it is the example left to generations. I want that for the children: that they have a prosperous future. That they succeed through good examples that help them to be better person every day.

Julian Cangrejo, Colombia