Become a Volunteer

Since the creation of Resplandor International we had the honor of having more than 500 volunteers from different parts of the world. The period of stay can be per day, weeks, months or up to a year. In this experience you will be immersed in a rural Mexican community with traditions and a sense of unity and cooperation.

During the volunteers’ stay, tasks are assigned to coordinate or support some of the activities of each program for the communities. The activities include: music classes, sports, arts, swimming, hydrotherapy, reading circles, literary productions, culture of your country, attention to children of initial education, children with school lag and disability, computing, languages, trades, maintenance of gardens, compost, ecological projects, training for adolescents and adults on addictions, gender equality, sign language, leadership, among others.

Additional activities include the elaboration of didactic materials, organization of the community library, design of publicity, update of social networks, edition of videos and support in fundraising events.

It is important that volunteers have a positive attitude, flexibility, creativity, love and responsibility to work with children, youth and adults. This experience is recommended for Spanish speaking volunteers and for those interested in learning or strengthening their Spanish in an authentic context.

Volunteers who come can stay in the same Resplandor International building which is located in a rural area 45 minutes from downtown Guanajuato by public transportation. In the facilities we have shared rooms, each person has a bed, full kitchen, bathrooms, showers with hot water, TV, and WiFi. Each person is responsible for the preparation of their food and the cleanliness of their space during their stay.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
– Mahtma Gandhi

The greatness of the human being is in serving.