Amigos de la Tierra

is an earth education program designed for 9-11 year olds. It is a magical learning adventure that helps participants to become enamored with their natural surroundings by constructing understandings of ecological concepts, developing environmental perceptions, and undertaking personal actions to lessen their impact on and increasing their contact with the natural world.

Resplandor has implemented aspects of Amigos de la Tierra in their annual Summer Programs (2018/2019) and in weekly classes at Resplandor. In 2020, Resplandor in collaboration with the Institute for Earth Education and the University of Arizona will open a course for public/private schools in Guanajuato. Students from their home schools will visit Resplandor and take part in a 2 ½ day springboard experience that sets the stage for the remainder of the program back in the classroom and at home.

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