With the Summer Course the activities in International Glow began in 2009 since then it is a tradition to live it year after year.

During the month of July 2 weeks full of joy, learning and cultural exchange are lived. We carry out workshops and activities related to art, sports, science, diversity in culture, natural, environmental medicine, values.

Children and teenagers from 3 to 14 years old are invited to participate, as well as parents. We have an average attendance of 200 people from rural areas around Resplandor as well as from the city.

The workshops are coordinated by University and Professional Volunteers from various Local, National and International places that share part of their culture and knowledge in various areas, such as Mexico, United States, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Italy, Chile , Peru, among others.

It is a unique experience in which we can share our culture and feel proud of the place we live in, recognize ourselves as one humanity, enjoying unity, joy and service.

We invite you to be part of this experience as a will or assistant.

Invest in Change. Be a part of our community engagement.

Resplandor International is a 501(3)c and donations are 100% deductible.