Love for reading is a program that encourages interest and reader enthusiasm, driven by directed and free activities, related to imagination, creativity and awareness through reading.

We believe in the value of the stories told, either by books or by oral tradition, thus strengthening our culture and enriching intercultural knowledge. Therefore, it is important for us to begin at an early age in the interaction with books, emotions and universal literary knowledge, since the connection we develop with books in childhood will be what conditions our relationship with them in the future.

We work with populations of different ages, from babies, children, adolescents, youth and adults, creating spaces and exercises for reading, forming emotional and emotional bonds, providing the opportunity to train people with an inexhaustible reader taste.

In 2016, we opened our community library consisting of a toy library and a general area of ​​books for young people and adults. This has been equipped thanks to the permanent donations of benefactors who believe in us and in our work. In addition, we have a book loan system.

We also have the loan of “Traveling Backpacks”, which are a set of backpacks that contain books and activities related to a particular topic. They can be taken home and shared with the family.


The International Educational Leadership Symposium co-sponsored by Resplandor International, Interleader, and IISUE at the National University of Mexico and supported by other institutions took place at the University of Guanajuato in Guanajuato, Mexico on July 4 & 5, 2019. The symposium was sponsored and supported by multiple educational institutions and organizations in Mexico, Cuba and the United States. The symposium brought together educational researchers, practitioners, university faculty and administrators, students and the general public from distinct levels to examine and discuss educational leadership in the global context of current educational reform. The larger theme of the conference was “Reforma educativa; tensiones y alternativas desde la experiencia global.”

The symposium focused on research and applied practice studying the agency, access to power, policy development and the complex decision-making process of educational organizations in the landscape of the Latin America context and globally. Participants attended key-note presentations, research colloquiums, workshops, book presentations, dynamic interactive panels and network with educators and professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences in the area of educational leadership.

The interactive symposium was designed to be dynamic and allowed participants to share experiences and expertise with other educators from all levels of education and professions engaged in the process of leadership leading to educational reform and change.


In the communities near Resplandor International we have detected that there are children and adolescents with learning difficulties, intellectual disability, hearing impairment, autism, neuromotor disorders, among others, who have not attended school for a long time. This has led to ignorance of these conditions and has made it impossible to treat them through specialized therapies to develop their skills and increase their quality of life and their inclusion in society.

Because of this, we provide attention to parents, informing and guiding, accompanying them on the path of understanding and acceptance so that they fully support themselves, their children and their family.

We provide attention to children and adolescents with Special Educational Needs, with and without disabilities, being for some of them their only educational attention, and for others a complement to the school they attend.

The areas of attention are:

  • Personal Independence
  • Academic development
  • Language
  • Swimming
  • Equine therapy

The care is coordinated by a professional in the area of ​​Special Education, and supported by university students who perform their social service with us.


The purpose of this program is to provide educational coverage from pregnant women to children under 4 years of age and thus help children living in rural areas to be better prepared school, emotionally and socially.

Our Goals:

  • Encourage the integral development of the child through the participation of his family.
  • Train mothers, fathers and / or caregivers in basic aspects of children’s development.
  • Develop in children habits that allow them to conduct themselves safely in the school and family environment.
  • Develop imagination, creativity and self-esteem in children during their early childhood.
  • Develop knowledge, attitudes and values in parents that contribute to the care, care and education of children.
  • Develop in children the potentialities necessary to join basic education.


Teaching, knowing and understanding skills in sign language is essential for inclusion. Without it, people with hearing disabilities loose access to information, daily interaction with friends and loved ones, as well as educational and work opportunities.

Our programs for learning Mexican Sign Language address this social initiative. The training is carried out by Master Carlos Guzman Aldana, member of the Guanajuato Association of the Deaf.

Our participants are from diverse backgrounds including; educators, tourism industry, commercial industry, personal interest and state government employees. The State of Guanajuato has been working to open opportunities for inclusion of the deaf community and their families in art and culture.

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Resplandor International is a 501(3)c and donations are 100% deductible.