Dear Mexico,
Your casa has revealed your emanating spirit since the moment I walked through the door.
Your assets are priceless and your values run deep.
You are satisfied with few treasures, yet you gleam with generosity.

Here, strangers become friends and friends become family.
Quality time is a priority which is how it should and can be.
You strive to enjoy, while my country strives to succeed-
And I am ashamed to admit it’s propelled by greed.

No matter the task, neither big nor small
Your diligence throughout radiates above all.
I can’t help but notice your meticulous care,
Something I can vouch – you don’t see everywhere.

I’m in debt to you for all I’ve learned.
Have I anything measurable to give in return?
I hope to exude your spirit in everything I do.
And I’ll forever share my words to honor you.

Your history is revered as a lasting legacy
And now, I can promise- it will always be dear to me.
In disbelief, I have peered upon your magical skies and stacks of colors.
And just when I thought they couldn’t shine brighter, afternoon showers crept in to ignite her.

Each day brought something new,
Unexpected elephants, tigers and monkeys riding to the zoo.
Mariposas on cheeks, a scorpion scare,
Countless quesadillas and a broken bus chair!

Pyramid of the Sun, we crawled to the top,
Wished I had a slinky, just to see it flop.
Language confusion, -which sign is which?
No quiero torta, it’s just a sandwich!

At the National Palace, Diego made not a mistake.
We even felt his energy, no wait- that was an earthquake!
Working with the niños, I’ve never felt better.
But their respect taught me more, like Jesus lending his sweater.

How can I leave, when the need is so grand? I feel like I’ve touched only one grain of sand.
Luckily Resplandor is a stroke away from impacting others,
To teach and inspire sisters and brothers.
I am so grateful for this whole experience,

And I have gained so much more than this poem can convince.
Mexico, my house is your house… you are welcome any day.
Fare well, adios… I wish that I could stay.